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Perfect Red

My friend the author Jane Lind recently launched her latest book, "Perfect Red, the Life of Paraskeva Clark"published by Cormorant Books . Jane's mission is to bring to light the work of Canadian women artists, as witnessed by her first book, "Joyce Wieland: Artist on Fire" which was published in 2001 and was shortlisted for the Toronto Book Award in 2002.

Perfect Red is the biography of Paraskeva Clark who was born in 1898 into a working class family in Russia. Educated as an artist in the 20's after the the 1917 Russian Revolution, her work was inspired by the social and political conditions in her country. After the tragic death of her husband in a swimming accident, she moved to Paris with her young son. In Paris, Paraskeva met Philip Clark, a Canadian accountant, and after a two-year correspondence courtship, Philip came to London to marry Paraskeva. The pair then traveled to Canada to begin their life together. I don't think Philip had any idea …


It's been weeks since I've posted on my blog. I find December a disorganized and frazzled month. I get distracted at Christmas and it's all I can do to get into my studio. At the beginning of January though, I jumped back into my work. I've been painting as well as applying for international artist residencies.

I find each new year invigorating yet I begin to rethink my work, where it's going and what I'd like to accomplish during the next year.

I remember reading Dr. Dolittle to my children when they were small. I loved the Pushmi-Pullyu. An imaginary Pushmi-Pullyu sometimes comes to sit on my shoulder at the beginning of a new year and chuckles into my ear. Part of me appreciates it. The Pushmi side keeps wanting to push me forward in my work, not letting me relax into complacency, goading me on. Part of me can't stand the discomfort that brings, challenging me to find new ways to work.

I've been taking up the challenge, trying some new techniques…