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Planning an Artist's Retreat at Home

Each year for the past two years, I've organized a home retreat for myself. Alyson Stanfield of, interviewed me a couple of weeks ago, for her online group called The Artist's Conspiracy about my home retreats.  She was interested in how I go about planning them, and what I get out of them.

Even though I live in the country, I still get caught up in the busyness of life; spending too much time on the computer; doing the business part of my art; keeping up with friends; spending time with family; doing volunteer jobs, appointments. The regular demands of life. I used to have a cottage that had no hydro, and no phone, where I'd spend a week or two at a time by myself painting and writing poetry.  I found this to be an extremely creative time. 

I decided to create that same retreat space at home.  I prepare for it as though I am going on a vacation.  I book the week in my calendar and make sure I don't organize any activities or appointments or meetings …