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Helping Artists Discover Their Personal Voices-Part 3

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Elements of Design

Part 3,  is about looking at your work and the work of other artists to help you discover what you like. In my workshops, I love to teach techniques of working with the medium of cold wax and oil along with the elements of design. The process of painting involves the head and the heart- free and expressive play, along with an understanding of structure. Not one without the other. I'm interested how to read abstract paintings, and understand what elements of design an artist uses to express their ideas. For each design element, I teach various ways of working with cold wax and oil. For example, when I teach the design element, Line, I teach several different techniques for making interesting lines.

And then I invite each student to consider the importance of Line in their own work, asking them to think back over earlier work and see if line appears in their work. We tend to naturally gravitate to using certain el…