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Life/Death, Christmas and Ice Storms

Fragile.  It's the name I gave to the series of paintings currently on exhibit at theBurlington Art Centre in Burlington, Ontario.  I was responding to the illness of a friend.  Little did I know then that I would have my own brush with fragility not once but twice during the month of December.
Early in the month I was driving on a two-lane tree-lined road about 5km from home.It was 5:45pm.The roads were dry but it was dark.
I heard the noise first. Something big hit the left side of my car.  In the next instant, the body of a deer completely covered my windshield. The glass shattered with the force of it.  I thought it was going to come in on top of me.  But it flew off as quickly as it had landed. I drove on, stunned and covered in glass, trying to see out of the smashed windshield, the wind whistling through the gaping holes.  I decided not to stop. I was close to home and the shoulder of the highway is too small there, the embankment too steep.  
I drove into my garage and looked…

Writing About Your Art

My exhibition, In Search of Balance at the Burlington Art Centre in Burlington, Ontario, opened on Sunday, November 24th.

In preparation, I needed to have some discussions about my work with the curator, Denis Longchamps, and to rewrite my artist's statement.  An exhibition in a public gallery is such a gift. Not only is it hung so beautifully, but the conversations with the curator and the preparation time, allow an opening into deeper consideration of the work and the long journey that led here.  I've taken the time in preparation, to think about where my work has come from, what truly is important to me, and how I am expressing that.

It's such a difficult task for artists to write about our work in a way that uses language that everyone can understand because it involves trying to clearly understand ourselves and what our art is teaching us.  I have been reading an amazing book called Presence by Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski and Flowers.
Written to teach about creative …