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A Longing for the Sublime: Painting the North

Recently I attended a beautiful art exhibition by Oxanna Adams and Barbara Shaw at Silence, an art gallery/exhibition space in Guelph, Ontario. The exhibition entitled North, featured paintings that were inspired by the travels of each artist to northern countries, including Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Yukon and Northern Ontario. 

At their opening, each artist described her experience of being influenced by the wild landscape of northern countries. I had the deep sense that these places were profoundly inspiring for both women. I know that my work is also strongly influenced by remote, wide-open landscapes and I find it so difficult to describe that sense of awe in words.  

I feel that painting can get closer to describing that sense of wonder than either prose or poetry. Still, I delight in finding writers and poets who stretch language into forms that approach the ineffable. And it's painting and words together that make my heart sing.

There has been much discussion and many papers w…

Expanding Your Soul in Wild Places: Two Artists' Stories

I'm always interested in remote places and what draws people there. What words do they use to describe the journey and what sort of work comes out of this experience? I asked two artists if they would respond to these questions: Amy Clay and Laura Moriarty.
AMY CLAY: I followed Amy Clay's adventures a few years ago as she travelled around the world from one artist residency to another for an entire year.

"My life and art is all about the Epic Quest and mysterious journeys to places of the imagination. Pushing beyond the familiar to new territory - facing the fear of the unknown, and seeing what’s on the other side. This relates to my love of wild and remote places. I’m especially drawn to Northern landscapes - as I know you are too! One of my favorite places is a residency on the far southwestern corner of Ireland called Cill Rialaig. It’s remote, hard to get to, and the wind and weather lash your cabin and rattle the roof! I also love Iceland. I'll be doing a residency…