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Painting Intuitively

I'm preparing for an exhibition in November, at the Burlington Art Centre in Burlington, ON, a beautiful public gallery located on the western end of Lake Ontario.

As is so often the case with art, if you can allow the process to unfold and trust that it will, amazing things can happen.  I believe that art is it's own spiritual journey.

The paintings in this series have led me on such a journey.

Last spring, Denis Longchamps, the Director of Programs, asked to come to my studio to see how the work was progressing. I had an idea for the show and had begun work on it. I had been working on a series of paintings I called Lines of Desire.  This series was an inner journey, where I was exploring my feelings related to the sudden life-threatening illness of a close friend. Denis liked the direction I was going and suggested we meet sometime in September to select work for the show.  My intention was to paint 7 large canvasses, each 5' x 6'.

Shortly after the studio visit, I …