Monday, October 26, 2009

Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF)

On Friday I  went to the TIAF with my artist friend Shirley Williams to spend the day at the Toronto Convention Centre and check out the show.  There were 82 exhibitors, mostly Canadian, many from Toronto and Montreal. There were several galleries from the US--New York, Chicago and Minneapolis--and a few international galleries from London,  Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, and Antwerp.

I was surprised at the number of representational works in the Art Fair.  I haven't gone for a few years and I found the fair to be very different, not nearly as edgy as in previous years, although there was lots of abstract work as well.  I noticed that there were a good number of sales and when we asked, the galleries mentioned that it was  larger works that  were selling and they seemed pleased with the number of sales.  Is the recession over then? 

Here is some of the work that I liked:

Galerie Lacerte, Quebec City
Jean-Robert Drouillard
Le balle est partie vers toi II
wood and acrylic

Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Kevin Yates
Main Street 2009
Bronze, painted wood

(wall mounted)

Dale Chihuly Installation

 My favorite:

 Purchased by the Art Gallery of Ontario:

Cal Lane
Love Rug 2008
Petroleum Barrel, Plasma Cut

from Art Mur

and below
Cal Lane
Private Collection

My favorite dress at the show, just like one I had in the 60's only I wore mine quite differently then.


  1. Thank you for taking us to the TIAF. The Cal Lane works look exquisite and I can see why you would love them. I like the red dress too!

  2. Wow! Great works...thanks for sharing all of them!