Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Residency Residents

Erica Scourti at Can Serrat

There are only two other artists here now.  The rest have finished their residencies. Can Serrat will close for December.  Things are winding down here.  But I still have eleven days left and will continue to absorb this area of Cataluña, Montserrat, El Bruc and Barcelona.  I´m loving spending time with the other artists and learning about their work.  Erica Scourti is an exceptionally creative artist/filmmaker from London, England who works mainly with digital media, and is interested in language/word-based video art. She has recently done a residency at I-Park in Connecticut.

Natalie McQuade at the Museu Nacional d Art de Catalunya
Natalie McQuade is a brilliant multi-media artist from Melbourne, Australia. She incorporates sculpture, sound, installation and printmaking into her work ...among other things. At Can Serrat, among other projects, she is making several pinhole cameras out of found Spanish cigar boxes.

These are two very creative, very exciting young artists and I so much enjoyed sitting with them while they discussed their work.  I´d recommend spending some time visiting their websites.

Otto Castillo, Karine Argile, Jessica Hirst, Marcel Sala
Karine and Marcel run Can Serrat
 Jessica Hirst and her partner Otto Castillo have just finished their residency here.  Jessica is a multi-media artist.  Her current work involves considering logos on the clothing we wear.  She has created a personal logo and is collecting used or found clothing and applying her Palmer Fishman logo to these items. They are at once hilarious, and yet worthy of consideration.  Her blog has photos of her newly introduced line of Palmer Fishman clothing.

Abde Samad Chakour
 Abde Samad Chour, from Casa Blanca, Morrocco, works here at the residency.

 There are also six cats here at Can Serrat.  I´ve only been able to capture three of them. I´m not crazy about cats so this is a test for me to have six cats wandering in and out of bedrooms, dining room, shower....everywhere.........

Bully Boy who bullies the other cats

Moushou the brother of Noor

Noor the friendly one

There are also two resident ghosts at Can Serrat, whom I have not been able to photograph. I guess it is not surprising that there are at least a couple of ghosts here, considering that the building is perhaps 350 years old. One reportedly is a woman who died here in childbirth.  The other is a man who hanged himself after gambling away this building which was his home and farm.  The male ghost resides in the blue room on te Norwegian student side of the building and has been known to throw objects around the room.  On the Can Serrat side we have the quieter, sadder woman who supposedly drifts from room to room.  Makes me alittle sleepless I must say.

It all makes for an exciting, eclectic mix of characters and personalities, animals and ghosts.


  1. Lovely cats!! Each one of these photos could inspire a painting. :)

  2. Ha! Hilarious. They were taken by a non-cat lover who was trying to be a cat-lover. They were trying to win me over to their side!