Thursday, March 17, 2011

Talking about Art

Rebecca Crowell and me in my studio in front of one of my new paintings.

For the past three days I've had my friend Rebecca Crowell and her husband, Don Ticknor, visiting me from Wisconsin. I met Rebecca last March when I was taking a cold wax workshop from her near Madison Wisconsin.  I introduced her to Gallery 133 in Toronto which is one of the galleries where I show my work.  The gallery invited her to bring some of her work up to Toronto, which prompted this visit.

Besides talking continuously about our work and our teaching, and discovering that we have the same sense of hilarity, we spent two days visiting galleries in Toronto, especially in the Distillery District and Yorkville.  I especially liked the work of Maya Bar and Ram Samocha at Julie M. Gallery, Ed Bartram's Rockscapes and a Stu Oxley monoprint at Mira Godard Gallery, Leonard Cohen's drawings at Drabinsky Gallery and Zhang He's deliciously thick oil paintings at Odon Wagner Gallery.


  1. I loved my visit with you! and we really did see some excellent art. I was quiet on our ride home to Wisconsin--totally drained of talk!