Sunday, October 2, 2011

Final Days at Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Ireland

Thoughts of Stones    33 x 42" ©Janice Mason Steeves 2011  
The last few days at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre were spent photographing around the lake (Annaghmakerrig), the buildings and the grounds, as though trying to gobble it up to hold in my memory. It was a stimulating, hard-working time for me.  I completed five multi-panel paintings of various sizes while I was at the residency.  My colours really changed for this period of time.  They became very muted, reflecting the greys of the stones at the neolithic sites, and the overcast skies and soft tones of the landscape. I'm already looking forward to another residency in Ireland next September.

The best part of the residency was the intensely stimulating, creative contact with other artists: writers, musicians, poets, playwrights and visual artists.  Many gave spontaneous 'sessions' in the evenings where they improvised with other musicians, singers, poets or tap dancers.  What a huge gift!  Many gave away their books of prose, poetry or musical CD's.   It was also a huge delight to have the companionship of my friend, the American artist Rebecca Crowell.  Our shared dinners, stimulating conversations and times of screaming hilarity added a huge piece to this residency.

Improv tap dancing to the sax

Collaboration with poet Ann Egan (L), Little John Nee on ukelele and Anka Draugelates on piano

Anka Draugelates on viola
I echo the words that Little John Nee signed in the Tyrone Guthrie Guest Book:

I leave here a better person.

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