Saturday, June 13, 2009

To Noah

This week I babysat my grandson, Noah who is just two years old. My daughter was working at a temporary job and needed me to babysit for just one week.

I normally have a very steady studio schedule of probably 5-6 hours per day, as well as doing all the other non-studio work, such as photo documentation, buying supplies, record keeping, shipping work and emails. As well I try and allow time for generating ideas, and reading as well as researching on the internet.

This week I had to slow down. I had to view the world through the eyes of a two year old where everything is wonder, like taking endless time scooping stones with a small shovel into a pail and then back again onto the ground. I live in the country and as we played outside one afternoon, we heard a horse whinney. He said, "What's that?". I told him it sounded like a horse. He said, "Can we go and see it?". "Yes", I said, "let's go". We had to jump in the car because it would be too long a walk for him to get to the road in time to see the horses. We got there just in time to see two people ride by on their horses. Noah was completely silent as I held him in my arms and we watched the horses go by. As the horses walked out of sight he kept repeating, "Wasn't that fun to see those horses?"

We drove a little farther along the road. I was hoping to see the neighbor's cows out in the field, close enough to the fence for Noah to have a good look at them. And they were close enough! What a delight. There was even a llama in the field with the cows! And farther along, there were two female horses and their foals grazing close to the fence. We watched them for a long time.

I've walked along this road day after day, wrapped up in my thoughts. Until today, I have not seen it with the eyes of a two year old.

We went to the grocery store for a few supplies one afternoon and as we stood in the check-out line, Noah began to spontaneously sing in a good loud voice, "Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow.." the old Raffi song." Everyone in line was smiling.
I love the way such a little soul can so easily spread joy.

So thanks Noah for a week of slowing down. I hope I can carry those lessons into next week.

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